If you follow my blog, then you probably know that I'm an avid reader. There is always a book on my nightstand. I like to read, and try to read at least once or twice a week while the boys are awake too so they see me reading too. I read to them every day, but when children see adults reading, be it the newspaper, magazines or books they see that reading isn't just something for kids. My boys know that both Richard and I read all the time. They love to go get Richard's magazines and look at the pictures.

I swap books with my family and have started sharing with a few friends as well. It is becoming harder to find others to swap with since many people are going to digital books. I can't go there. There is something about holding a book in your hands. Reading it in the format that the author intended it to be read, but that's a whole other post.

I recently read a great book. I often post about books on Facebook since I have some friends on there who I also know are avid readers. This book I decide was worth sharing on here too. (I am not being paid for this, it is just me sharing a great book with you my readers). If you have not read Room by Emma Donoghue, I strongly suggest you do. This is a great story on so many levels. It touched me as a mother, as a woman and a human. It was an "easy" read in that you are quickly sucked into the story. It is one of those books that you don't want to put down.

If you like to read books about life, about struggles, about overcoming the odds, about a mother's love for her child, about doing what you have to do, then this is a must read for you too.

Click here to get a quick preview of the book if you want. It will draw you in. (If you already read the book, and haven't checked out this site, I suggest you do, there is an illustration of Room that is very moving)


  1. I recently read that book too! I also thought it was good. I loved how the author wrote it from the little boy's point of view and also wrote exactly how he talks!

  2. I love to read as well! I was given a Kindle though and love it!!


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