Ramps and coffee filters

Since both of the boys weren't feeling well this week, our projects were on the simple side.

Our first project dealt with gravity and friction. We set up a ramp in the living room. I filled one water bottle half full of water and the other one was empty. We started both bottles at the top of the ramp and let them roll down to the bottom. When the bottles are on the ramp the one with water rolls faster because the weight pulls it down faster (gravity). But, when it gets to the level floor the empty one rolls faster because the weight in the half-full one cause more friction slowing the bottle down.

We put the ramp at different heights to see if that effected the pace of the bottles.

One thing to think about with an activity like this is giving the children time to play with the set up. I put the ramp up much earlier in the day and let them explore with it. They used their cars on it and even used it as a slide (this board was strong enough, but most wouldn't be so be careful). When you let them explore this way before hand they are more likely to focus on the task at hand. I try to do this when introducing any new materials to the boys. (And I always did it as a teacher)

The other project we did was a continuation of the project last week. This time instead of drawing on paper towels, we drew on coffee filters. The boys drew on the coffee filters with markers and then dunked the filter into water. They then could see the water wick up the filter blending the marker colors together.


What projects did you do with your children this week?



  1. thanks for visiting me over at momvstheboys, love your cute little guys! my boys love to race cars down anything like that. good idea with the water bottles, they would like that too

  2. My kids would love that ramp! Great experiment.


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