random weekend thoughts

Here are my random thoughts for the weekend:

-- It's great to have Richard back home again

-- It's not so great that before he could even get to bed he was helping me clean up vomit.

-- Richard being home meant I got to sleep in, which was good since I was up with Colby that night.

-- When you go to a soccer clinic for 3 hours on Saturday and then come home to take your son to the after hours clinic it sort of wastes your whole day.

-- Tonsillitis and conjunctivitis all at the same time. Oh joy!

-- I'm officially a soccer coach now. Go team!

-- Blake survived his first full week of school. Not sure he's adjusted to going 5 days a week yet. He still tries to get dressed in his regular clothes instead of his uniform.

-- Colby isn't sure what to think of our new schedule either, but I know everything will fall into place soon.

-- Glad that Irene decided to stay way off our coast. Hope all who were effected by the storm are ok and had little to no damage.

-- This Saturday is UCF's first home game. Go Knights!

-- Hope everyone had/has a great weekend and a fabulous week!


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  1. Sounds like it's been quite an eventful past few days! Hope things are getting better!!!!


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