sleep patterns

If you follow my blog, you may have heard me mention that my boys are opposites a few times. Those who know us in person would probably agree with this statement. I find it funny that they even sleep differently.

When you put Colby to bed he is wearing shorts and short sleeve shirt jammies. He likes to sleep on two pillows. Most nights he sleeps with just a sheet over him, but there are many nights when he uses no covers at all. He lays on his back with his hands up behind his head, yes like he's getting a tan, or he lays on his side with his hands tucked under his chin (did I just hear you say awwww?) He is a very content sleeper. He tends to find a position that is comfortable and stays there for most of the night.

Blake... yeah not so much! Blake goes to sleep in long pants and a short sleeve shirt or a long sleeve shirt, yes even in the summer. He likes to sleep on one or no pillows. Most nights you will find him burrowed under the sheet, comforter, and often a fleece blanket. Blake is all over the place when he sleeps. It is always an adventure when I go to check on him to see what position he is sleeping in. I have found him sleeping sideways and backwards on the bed. I've found him laying on top of all his pillows, or down under all the covers. He does not say in one position all night either. Each time you check on him you never know where you will find him.

I just think it's funny that in one more way my boys are complete opposites. And yep people still ask me if they are twins. Yes, you read that right. I was just asked that last week while shopping at WalMart. The boys were even walking. Ummm yeah twins born 18 months apart. Blake is a head taller than Colby still. Oh well, just wait until they are older, I still think there is a good possibility that Colby maybe the taller of the two that could get interesting.

How do your little ones sleep?

Hope everyone gets a great night sleep tonight!



  1. That's so cute how different they are! My son always liked to be overheated. He would just be beading up with sweat when I checked him in the night and so I'd take a blanket off. When I came back in the morning, he'd be buried to the top of his head again.

  2. My kids sleep pretty much the same. The only difference is Justin likes his blankets to be tucked in, while Caleb likes them loose and all over the place. Ben, he doesn't really care either way. It's funny, because I thought Caleb would be the tucker since he is so orderly in everything else he does, whereas Justin is such a messy guy usually. Go figure!

  3. My boys are the same way as yours. One is all over the place and the other, well you just have to look to see where he's at. (And pray he doesn't try and get into bed with us because it feels like a WWF ring if he does.)

    I think my baby will be the atallest out of the three, that should be interesting.

  4. My comment doesn't make any sense, up above. One of my boys is super still and NOT all over the place and the other is a crazy man.

  5. My son has been difficult to get to sleep. Once he does, you could find him just about anywhere! We are trying to get him to stay in his own bed. What a task!
    I love when they tuck hands under chin. So cute!


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