Recipe search

I have to tell you I love the internet for finding recipes. You feel like making something? Put it in google I can almost guarantee you that you will get a whole list of recipes to pick from.

Last night I decided that I wanted to make cherry muffins to bring swimming with a friend today. I had cherries that were still good, but needed to be eaten up. I looked through a few different recipes and decided on one that sounded best to me. I then tweaked it a bit to fit the flavor profile I wanted.

I think the internet has greatly improved my cooking because I do not have depend on cookbooks or my prior knowledge to find and make a recipe. I love to bake, but baking is a science, so I like to let someone else figure out the chemistry and then I just adjust the flavors. Cooking, well there are no holds bard there. Once you figure out what you want to make... go for it. You have to trust your own sense of flavor and what you like together.

So next time you feel like having something, Google it... and try out a new recipe. You might find a flop, but most likely you will find a recipe you love!



  1. I'm always using Google to find new recipes. I just found one yesterday for the Red Velvet cake I'm going to make this week :)

  2. I just recently organized all my Internet recipes into a binder. I love Googling new things.


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