I don't often post much on the weekends. I guess that's because life is busy on the weekends. I also want the weekend focus to by my project 365 pictures. A while ago, hmmm over a year ago, I used to do Random Weekend Thoughts on my blog. This was the opportunity to just bullet thoughts that go through my mind through the week and over the weekend.

I think you might see this popping up again from time to time.

So here are my Random Weekend Thoughts:

--Sleep is a good thing! I went way too many nights without a good night sleep.

--Exercise makes you less tired and less frustrated, but when you have 2 sick kids the gym is out of the question

--The start of the school year is very different when you are the parent than when you are the teacher

--Doing projects with the boys has been fun. I'm now looking forward to finding new and exciting projects to do with them. Hope you check out my Friday posts to see what we have been up to!

--When you don't get many comments it makes it less motivating to post, but then I remember that I blog for myself as much as for others

--When Richard is away I miss making new meals, good thing I had a stock pile of Tasty Tuesday recipes. Check out my facebook page tomorrow if you want to chime in on which recipe I post next.

--Hmmm wonder what kind of picture I will take tomorrow to symbolize Blake's first day of pre-K. Need to get at least 2 good ones, one for tomorrows post and one for Project 365.

Any random thoughts traveling through your brain tonight? Do share!


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