Catching up

Wow I never did get around to posting yesterday. Guess that would be because we were busy? In some ways we were less busy during the day. Colby woke up with a cough so I skipped the Y. But instead we came home and while he watched movies I fixed both their costumes, cleaned up and made some decisions. After picking up Blake, we made a batch of finger cookies. These are very cool. We are bringing them to tailgating tomorrow, and Richard brought some to work today too. Then we had an early dinner before soccer practice. After practice we drove straight to the airport and then back home. The boys are happy to have Richard home again, ok I am too (probably more than them).

Blake doesn't have school today. We decided to have a lazy morning so the boys are watching Cars. Soon we will head to the grocery store to get everything for the meals this week.

Pretzel chicken
tailgating (we only need to bring desert)
individual Stromboli
pressed sandwiches (since it's Halloween)
steak fajitas
leftovers (haven't decided what yet)
mock chicken parm

We are making candy-corn sugar cookies to take for a soccer snack tomorrow. Then maybe watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

I started working on my new background and topper for November. Seems like I just made this Halloween version. Hard to believe we will soon be talking about Christmas. But, first I have to get through Halloween, Richard traveling again, Blake and Richard's birthdays and Thanksgiving. Yep, another busy month here.



  1. Looks like a good menu. I love pretzel chicken! I bet you are extremely happy to have Richard home! It's not fun when they aren't around.

  2. I think your menu looks so fun too. I'm going to need to try pretzel chicken. I've never heard of that before.

  3. Hi Lori,

    Love the finger cookies ! We made them a few years ago. I'm definitely going to try the pretzel chicken. Happy November !


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