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I don't think I've ever recommended a parenting book before and that is for a good reason, I don't typically read them. I read a few when pregnant with Blake and realized that I either agreed or disagreed with them, so what was the point. If I agreed, than that meant I was already doing it. If I disagreed, it meant I'd never do it.

I was recently shopping at BJ's, a store I never leave with just what is on my list, and was looking through the book section. I came across the book "Have a New Kid by Friday" by Dr. Kevin Leman. For the most part, both my boys are good kids. They are certainly not SuperNanny material. But, they are far from perfect. We had been having some attitude and behavior issues with both boys. I'd tapped all my teacher instincts and decided it was time to do something different. While floundering I noticed the book and picked it up on a whim.

Richard and I agreed to try it out. We also agreed to both read it together. Each day there is a different parenting thing to do with your child. One of the biggest premises of this book is in order to get them to change, you have to change yourself. It is about building relationships, setting boundaries, being consistent, building their self-worth instead of self-esteem and maintaining the premise that "B doesn't happen until A is complete".

I think the thing that helped us the most was one of the first things you learn. "Say it once, turn your back and walk away." It's not always easy, but the more we stick with it the better things are getting. My boys are better behaved, I'm happier and we are getting along better. What more could you ask for?

I strongly recommend Have a New Kid by Friday to anyone who feels they need a bit of parenting support. The whole back of the book is an A-Z list of things that parents stress over deal with on a day-to-day basis.

I am not being paid for this review, I have not even been contacted by them, it's just my thoughts an opinions as a teacher turned mommy.



  1. That does sound like a good book. I'm always on the lookout for a great book that would give me a bit of reference in times of desperation ;)

  2. *Update* - I just ordered this book off of Amazon!

  3. Great book it seems! I am glad you found something you like! I love "self help" books, but it's all about finding the right ones for it to work :)

  4. My church parenting class is doing this book as the topic right now. I totally agree that the first tip is the best. We've been doing it here too and it has really helped.


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