Pumpkins, some good, some... not so much

As promised on Friday, a late project post.

Last week, we did two pumpkin projects, both found on pinterest.

The first turn out as a royal flop. We were supposed to make homemade play dough. Then make pumpkins with Mickey ears. Here's the link to the original post, in case you want to try yourself. I will admit that I can think of a few reasons why it flopped. I only had sea salt at home and coarse salt at that. It was super humid that day which effects dough consistency. I was also trying to make them bigger than suggested.

note ours turned out flat. Mine is the left, Colby in the middle (I helped him), and Blake's on the right.

As you may have seen yesterday in project 365, we also made circle pumpkins.
I cut 30 orange strips of paper and 2 green. Then stapled them into circles. I drizzled glue on the paper and let them go to town. These came our really cool, in my opinion.



  1. Your first photo made me laugh. I actually love how the pumpkins turned out--they have character.
    The second idea looks fun too. :)

  2. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)



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