In a funk. I seem to be in a blogging funk. I know I need to find time to edit pictures, but just haven't found that time yet. I've been busy with life. We are dealing with some health issues with Dixie, so that takes up time.

Monday was Richard's birthday so we did somethings to celebrate that. Yesterday Richard and I were at the specialist vet with Dixie. Today I've already been to the school to sign off papers to get Blake dismissed from speech. Then after we dropped Blake at school, Colby and I headed to BJ's to do a "big" shop. We needed meat, like we only had 1 package of ground turkey and that's it in the freezer. So we picked up chicken, ham steaks, skirt steaks and ground turkey as well as other stuff.

I didn't have a recipe to post yesterday, so there was no tasty Tuesday. Today well, there is lots on my mind, but nothing major to blog about. Little things like, menu planning for the next phase of birthday fun. We are celebrating Blake and Richard's birthdays with our families on Saturday. We are also going to Touch a Truck Saturday morning.

Maybe I'll get back into my bloggy groove soon.

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday.



  1. I can totally relate to funks. I get in them all the time. I have so much to do, but feeling so crummy all the time is so frustrating. We are also going to Touch a Truck! Hopefully we will see you there. I am excited.

  2. I know how you feel Lori! I get in funks all the time. But I find that blogging about it all helps ;) Sorry to hear about your puppy...hope it's nothing serious. Good luck with all the party planning...again!


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