Pictures to see?

I bet you were expecting to see a post of pictures today. Yep, I know you thought, I'd have my project 365 pictues ready, or Blake's birthday party or something. But, sad to say I don't. We had a busy weekend.

Saturday we went out and ran a few errands before Blake's Nascar party. Then well there was the party set up, and the party and the the clean up. The kids all seemed to have a great time.

Sunday we got up and going again. This time we headed to Downtown Disney to the Festival of the Masters. This is an art festival that is held there every year. Some of the high lights are these really huge and very cool chalk drawings that are done on the sidewalks. They also have interactive stations for the kids. But the real reason we went this year was because of Lego. At the Lego store they were making a new Lego dinosaur named Brickly, and the kids got to make a lego "brick" to be included in Brickly. They had to make a four layer brick in either red, green or yellow. They then got a certificate of being a Lego master.

When we got home we quickly changed, packed the bikes, the bike trailer, the boys and Dixie and headed to a local bike trail. We met up with a co-worker of Richard's to go on a bike ride. This was the first time bringing Dixie with us. There were times when she was pulling Richard who was pulling the trailer, yep she is STRONG!

So needless to say I've yet to upload the pictures onto the computer to edit them so you will have to wait. (o:



  1. Oh I know what you mean!!! I find myself posting our happenings 1 to 2 weeks AFTER they happen. :) It sure sounds like you've had fun though!

  2. We'll give you some grace this Monday, but next time, maybe not. Ha.

    We all have these days.

    A bike trail sounds fun. Especially with friends.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time! My kids would LOVE that Lego store. We've been playing with Legos nearly every day for a week!


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