4th Blogoversary

I can't believe that Teacher Turned Mommy is now 4 years in the making. Want to read my first post? Go here.

Over the years my blog has changed, my sons have changed... a LOT, and well I've changed. I'm still a stay at home mom. I still love that I have this opportunity. I now have friends and playdates. We now go to the Y and I get time alone every day. I now am a better mother because I'm a better person. I've grown as my boys have grown, and I hope you can see that in my blogging.

I've tried lots of things on my blog, some have worked and some not so much. I will continue to do Tasty Tuesday for the fact that I really like it. I am not doing project 365, but will instead try doing a photo challenge on my own blog starting Wednesday. Tune in for more information on Wednesday.

I am sure things will progress and change in this next year, but one thing I'm sure will stay the same... I'll be here posting about life.

Thank you to all my readers. Hope you have enjoyed this journey with me and continue to read along on my adventures of Mommy-hood!



  1. I always enjoy your posts, Lori! Thanks for sharing your life with us :)

  2. Happy blogiversary Lori! I've truly enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. :)

  3. congratulations. four years is a long time!!

  4. WOW...4 years!
    Good for you!:)
    Happy New Year
    have a happy day lori


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