Monday Menu

If you follow my blog then you know I'm an avid menu planner. I really don't know how people shop without menu planning.

This week we are having:
Mexican Meatzza, leftovers

American Chop Suey, leftovers

Potato Soup, this is a new recipe for me. It's based on Panera Bread's recipe. I gave you the link I'm using as reference.

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. I'm making this because Richard had it at the Magic game the other night and really enjoyed it. I linked to a recipe I'm basing mine off of.

Chicken Enchilada pasta, leftovers

Root beer pulled pork. I saw this on Pinterest and said... yep got to try that.

What are you having the first week of the new year?
Tomorrow is my 4th blogoversary. Tune in Wednesday to see my thoughts on a Wordless Wednesday link-up/photo fun thing.


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  1. I love peeking at other people's menus! I've got that Root Beer Pulled pork recipe too...can't wait to try it!


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