Florida cold

I grew up in north eastern Massachusetts and still have a lot of friends up in New England. They like to make fun of me when I talk about it feeling cold here in Florida. These last few days have been down right chilly. We have had overnight lows in the low 30s. The orange groves are very nervous, bet you never thought about the effect of these cold fronts on all the produce growers.

These last few days we have needed to wear layers including hats and gloves. The first morning the boys were a bit confused about putting on all the garb, but were happy when they got outside and stayed warm. Tuesday was windy and cold, our official high for the day was 49, which means it was actually colder at our actual house.

Now I know many of you are thinking if it was 49 here we'd be having a heatwave, but you have to understand that last week we were in the 80s, so that is a big jump in temperature. We also don't buy as warm of clothes as people in colder temperatures. My "winter jacket" here would have been a late fall coat up north.

So I'm looking forward to the weekend when the forecast is back up in the 70s.
Hope you are staying warm and enjoying your winter weather. (o:



  1. Funny, we are having unseasonably warm winter weather....as in we don't even need gloves and hats. Hope it warms up soon your way! Florida weather, January or not, should not require jackets, in my opinion.

  2. I just did the covernsion from F to C (because F makes no sense to Canadian me :) ) and it is about the same temp here (30F). So weird.

  3. Crazy! I think we are having warmer weather up here ;) But I know it won't last...for either of us!


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