Toys R Us did not throw up in my house

As I cleaned my house today I thought about this blog post. I don't think I've posted about my philosophy of "housekeeping" before. If you come to my house, don't expect it to be perfect. The only time my house looks perfect is when we are hosting a party or overnight guests.

Now note I didn't say don't expect it to be clean. My house is not dirty. My house is not a cluttered mess. Toys R Us did not throw up in my house. But, it is not perfect. There will probably be toys on the floor, bills sitting next to my lap top. Mail piles for Richard, especially if he is traveling. You might find assorted clothes and shoes here and there from time to time too.

I clean the bathrooms, mop and vacuum the floors, do laundry.... lots of laundry, clean the kitchen, do the dishes, feed the 6 of us, and many other house hold chores every day, ok some are every week, but you know what I mean.

I would rather my sons feel comfortable playing, exploring and learning at home than worry that they are going to mess things up. I don't want them to panic if they spill juice or milk. I don't want them to think mommy's going to be mad if I accidentally color on the table. Nope. Life is more important than a perfect house. I do not plan to live in a museum any time soon. But I do live in a house of love, laughter and learning.

So let me see if I can convince the boys to pick up their train track tonight so I can vacuum, if not... there is always tomorrow.



  1. I gave up on a perfect house a long time ago!

  2. My house needs some serious help right now, from me! But, I completely agree with your view. Even when I get caught up on the laundry and clutter, I don't need it to be perfect. :)

  3. We don't keep our house perfect either. There is a time and place for perfect but day to day is not it. You will drive yourself crazy.


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