A kind gesture

On Wednesday, Blake was playing on the porch after Richard left for work and he heard the recycling truck on the adjacent street. He asked if he could go outside and watch the truck. Normally I'd send him to the front window, but I'm trying to give him more responsibility and freedom in small doses. I told him that he could go outside if he stayed on the walkway and came back in after the truck turned the corner. He was really excited. I went on doing my morning chores peeking at him from time to time. I heard the truck turn the corner and was walking up to check on Blake one more time. As I was approaching the foyer, the driver was knocking on the front door. I opened it and he asked if I knew my son was outside. I told him I did. He replied ok just making sure you knew he was here.

Dixie then managed to get out the door so I didn't really get to thank him for his kindness. I thought it was extrodinary that he stopped his route to check on the welfare of Blake. I'm sure that since this was not an ordinary sighting he thought maybe Blake was out without permission. I am pleased to know that he is working in my neighborhood.

I typed up an e-mail and sent it to the company to let them know what happened and how appreciative I was of his actions. It's nice to know there are still caring people out there.



  1. WoW! Talk about above and beyond- that is nice.

  2. Sounds like a great guy! And I love that you took the time to send an email. I'll bet it made his day when he found out. :)

  3. Awesome. I love when I find nice people.


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