Basketball and Monster trucks

Wow what a fun and busy weekend we had. Richard had Friday off, his new company works a 9/80 plan so he gets every other Friday off... SWEET! He was busy running around doing errands, so we didn't see him until the the afternoon, but it was still a treat. Blake was the most excited because Daddy dropped him off at school for a change. We went to the Y in the late afternoon so even Blake got to go to the Y. Richard even made dinner that night.

Saturday was a crazy busy day for us. The boys had their first basketball game. It actually went smoother than I expected it to. I'll have to post the picture of the boys when I first put their uniforms on, Colby's shirt goes past his knees, it's too funny. Both boys scored baskets, ok Colby's was a dunk with the help of the coach, but hey he scored. Blake scored twice.

We then came home and chilled out before taking the boys to a surprise. We managed to keep this surprise under wraps until we arrived. We went to Monster Jam and we had pit passes. They were so excited. They got to see the trucks up close. I do think their favorite part of the party in the pits was seeing the r/c trucks race and jump. We then tailgated before the show. Our seats where in the second section of the lower bowl, but we were in the front row of the section so no one was sitting in front of us. The boys loved it. Colby thought the racing was too loud, but was enthralled with the freestyle part.

Sunday we all slept in, even the dogs. We did a few things at home and then were off and going again. We had a bunch of errands to run then came home to change and were out to dinner with friends. The boys were excited to be able to eat out. We got them home in time to toss them in the shower before bed.

I was not happy to have to wake up and start again this morning. But, Colby and I are going to a play date so that should be fun.

Maybe I'll even find time to go through the 100s of pictures I took this weekend to post soon.

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  1. I had a great time today! Hopefully next year we can make it to Monster Jam.


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