Worthwile TV for kiddos

Anyone who has followed my blog for a while knows I limit what my children watch for tv. We went through a long phase where they didn't watch any tv at all actually. I now limit the tv time to an hour or less if they watch it at all. It tends to be an hour so that they can each pick one half hour show. I often turn it on when I'm making dinner. I don't know about you but that is the time my boys need to be focused on something because if they aren't then they are killing each other or driving me batty.

I thought I'd share a few of the shows that they really like and I think are worthy of them watching. Oh and many of them are on PBS so anyone can watch them!

Sid the Science Kid. The first time I heard the concept of this show I was in love. Sid is a kid who loves to ask questions. He and his friends in pre-school use the scientific method to explore science concepts. They begin by deriving a question, hypothesis the results and experiment with the concept then finally record their learning in journals.

Super Why. Another show I loved from the get go. This show works on pre-reading skills. In each episode one of the main characters has a problem and they turn to books to find a solution. Each of the 4 main characters addresses a different language learning skill: letter recognition, blending on-set and rime, letter writing and sounds and comprehension. They have recently added a 5th character that has dictionary power to look up the meaning of words.

Wild Kratts. A friend of mine suggested this show for my sons, and let me tell you they love it. The Wild Kratts are brothers who learn about animals. Each episodes begins with the real Kratts who show the real animals that the episode will be about and talk about the animal, their needs and habitates. The Kratt brothers then turn into cartoon Kratts who can morph into animals to help the animal they are learning about. They have helpers who create "disks" that help give them the powers of the animals. The show ends with a review of the animal and other animals who have similar traits.

Team Umizoomi
is another one of those shows that I've loved since the beginning. This one is on Nick Jr. Team Umizoomi addresses math skills. There are 3 main characters and each has different math skills. In each episode they typically deal with shapes, patterns, and numbers. They also address measurement, basic addition and subtraction, and so much more. I like that they deal with real math terms and don't try to "dumb it down" for pre-schoolers.

Dino Dan
is one we don't watch very often, but the boys love it. Hmmm I should start recording it again here soon. Dino Dan learns about a different dinosaur in each short of the show, there are often 2 shorts in each episode. It is great for those who love to learn about dinosaurs.

Next time your little one is looking to watch tv, check out these shows. I teacher is telling you they are worth it! (learning wise anyway)



  1. My boys like the PBS shows too...Curious George is still a favorite around here :)

  2. We watch all the PBS shows too. Ryan loves Curious George, SuperWhy!, Sid the Science Kid. He's really into Jake & the Neverland Pirates on Disney too. Thanks to me getting well, the TV time is becoming less around here.


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