Did you think I ran away forever? I didn't ... I do have recipes to share, but didn't have a chance to get the pictures uploaded off my camera before Monday so I didn't get things posted for Tuesday.

Colby is sleeping through the night again so life in that aspect is better. Dixie was "fixed" on Friday so now she is a "conehead" dog and not happy about it. She goes back next Wed. to get the staples out and her lampshade off. Blake has another new teacher and we are trying to adjust to yet another change.

Valentine's Day was quiet here. Blake enjoyed exchanging gifts with his friends and we got a lot of compliments on his fish tank Valentine box. The boys and I made pink vanilla blossom cookies to bring to basketball practice as well as Valentines for their team mates. I was a total slacker and didn't get anything for the boys or Richard. Richard on the other hand got me a card from the boys and from him a card, a cute Valentine puppy and a heart candle. Yep made me feel like even more of a slacker. Oh well.

Well just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still around. If you have a blog, and I have you on my google reader, I'm still around reading them. Not sure I'll get ABC photo fun up this week cause again I'm a slacker and haven't taken any F pictures yet. But, I promise a yummy pretzel roll recipe on Tuesday.




  1. Happy to hear you are getting some sleep again! I can think of a picture for "F" ;)

  2. Good to hear that Colby is sleeping again. My kids all go through the not sleeping thing...every now and then. It is rough. My hubby did the same thing on Valentine's day. I felt like a slacker too :)


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