I hate time changes

Ok I know I complain about this twice a year every year, but still, I hate them. I swear I don't get why we still have them at all. Try explaining to the kids why they have to get up before their body says its time to get up and then have to hustle because you actually let them sleep in.

I was changing the clock in my car and Blake asked me what I was doing. I said I'm changing the clock because it is not 8:53am instead of 7:53am. He asked me "But why Mommy?" Good question buddy... it just is.

They don't want to go to bed when it's time, they don't want to get up when it's time... and guess what neither do I.

Oh well... it is what it is. Happy time change Monday. (o:



  1. The spring forward kills me every year. I was cranky all day yesterday and went to bed early. I am already starting to drag today. I'd take an extra hour rather than lose one any day.

  2. UGH, I hate it too. I do love the extra hour of daylight, but I'm still dragging around today. LOL, I was trying to "explain" the time change to the boys as well, but they just don't get it yet. However, I don't either!!


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