Just try it

Ok I admit it... I've raised TWO picky eaters. And they are picky in totally different areas. I really don't get it. But that's the way it is!

I have a rule in the house that you have to take one bite of everything on your plate. They are pretty good about doing it, don't get me wrong it can be a struggle some days, but for the most part they are good about it.

There are times when I just wish they'd break out of their comfort zone and try something new. Not even something they've tried and said they don't like (which is often the battle of the one bite), but something they've refused to even try before.

Soooooo I decided to do something I typically don't do, bribe them! Ok well they have to earn the bribe so it's not as easy as a simple bribe. Each of the boys has a chart on the fridge that has ten lines on it. Each time they try a new food we write it on the paper. If they are willing to take multiple bites, we put a sticker there because it is a new food they like. When they've tried ten new foods they are going to get a treat. My plan is to take them out to lunch, a major treat to them.

So far they've tried three new foods: tuna salad, maple sweet potato and baked chicken fajita. Not sure if it will work or not, but so worth trying.

On a side note, I put this out on my facebook page the other day and a friend said that when she introduces new foods she presents them in a cupcake holder with feet that she has, something fun and creative to get their attention.

What do you do??



  1. Nothing wrong with a little bribery now and then! I like you idea of taking them out after 10 checks :) I'm not so nice, I make them sit at the table until they have eaten the required food! They used to be picky, but encouraging them for a few years has finally been helping ;)

  2. Ooooh, I like it!!! I will have to add "trying new foods" to Ryan's chart he has. Thanks for the idea! Hopefully it will work with Mr. Picky over here. DInner time is a battle every.single.night.

  3. i am officially an expert at this!!! I love to cook and I love to experiment with all kinds of foods. after I spent an hr alone just dicing and chopping and they wouldn't try it..I would get mad!!! then I learned kids have to see something 3 different times before they will willing taste it. This is true. I have 8 kids who now eat anything I put in front of them! one son doesn't like peas and one son doesn't like sausage but that is individual preferences so that is ok....their friends are always here so I have a stash of frozen nuggets I feed the friends...there is no way those friends are eating eggplant!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    good luck!

  4. We make our boys take. Bite of everything too. I have never thought of presenting it in a fun way.mI will have to try that and see if it is less of a battle!

  5. We have two picky eaters... black and white... one likes berries one likes bananas...one likes rice one likes potatoes... and one of our littles has sensory eating issues (struggles with textures) and the other has diet issues for health reasons ... and I have diet issues for health reasons... so feeding my house is short order cook 24/7. **stressful** so... as long as my family is eating some veggies, some fruit, some grain and some protein and some dairy every day... I do my best to stretch them a little ...but I don't care about pushing new things... when they are ready they try things... I care more about getting enough calories and nutrition into them... so if one wants berries and not apples... Amen! I'll serve berries and apples! =) we have had some battles and it has taken me years to get to this point.. but I have tried hard not to push them b/c I wouldn't force myself to eat foods I don't like... so why should I force them (as long as they have healthy choices and it works within reason for the family daily diet)... they eat things they don't "prefer" ...but they don't eat things that are hard for them or 'gross'... =) (off soap box now) ha ha


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