Stitch Fix box #1

I saw Stitch Fix on Facebook.  Now, I either love to shop or hate to shop... depends on who I'm shopping for.  I love to pick things up for the house, for the boys, even for my husband, buttt shopping for myself, no thanks!

When I saw Stitch Fix I was intrigued.  You go onto their site and fill out a questionnaire.  This deals with everything from height/weight, size of clothes you wear to the type of pants you like.  Then it shows you combinations of clothes in that fit certain style trends.  These include Bohemian, casual chic, classic, edgy, glamours, preppy and romantic.  You rank them by from love it to hate it.  You then tell them everything from the color and type of jewelry you like, to the color and patterns of clothes you prefer.  They encourage you to set up a Pinterest board to show them more of my style.

So I filled out my profile.  Set up my Pinterest board, and scheduled a shipment.  The box came 2 days earlier than they predicted (a good sign in my book).

When I opened the box I found my clothes/jewelry neatly wrapped.  They provided a note specifically written to me, click on the note and you can read it. There are also cards that show how I can wear each of the enclosed articles of clothing.  I was excited to unwrap the package and see what treasures lay before me.

The first item I tried on was the Dear John Finnegan roll cuff chino shorts, in light green.  I was certain they were not going to fit or look good.... I was wrong.  They fit. They are comfortable and looked good.  I'm not sure of the color, but I'll think about it before I return the items.  It's a definite maybe!


 The next item that I tried on was the Market & Spruce Nolen Printed Detail Henley Tank.  This was actually the item that caught my eye when I opened the box.  I loved the prints they mixed in the yoke of the shirt.  Unfortunately for me, while the shirt fit in my shoulders and bust, it then hung straight down from my bust line.  This in turn made me look pregnant or fat or both... not a flattering cut for my body.  I was so disappointed as I really like this shirt.  It will be getting shipped back.


I then tried on the Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Low short sleeve shirt in teal.  I like the color of this shirt.  I like the way it fit my body, but I'm not sure about the length of the shirt especially the back.  This is another item that is a definite maybe.


The final thing that I tried on was the Market & Spruce Kipp Printed Dress.  I was a bit leary when I looked at first, but I really liked the way it looked on me.  I like the color.  I like the print.  I think this is a keeper.  I can wear it work, it can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories.

This necklace was the fifth item in the box.  While it is rather pretty, it is not my style.  I do not typically where big bulky jewelry.  It's just not my style. Now, if I could have taken it apart and wore the strands a separates or two together I may have considered it.  But, since I can't... it will be returned.

I do like the attention to detail that they provide.  If you look at my Pinterest board, you will see a lot of the colors they sent.  You will also see the style of shorts they sent me and the fact that I like shirts with a pop of detail that sets it aside, like the navy tank.

If you are looking for some good quality pieces to add to your wardrobe.  If you hate going out and trying on clothes. If you just want to try something new, check out Stitch Fix.  When you set up the shipment you are charged a $20 style fee that is then applied to any items you purchase.  You can get a 25% discount if you choose to keep all 5 items.  Also, if anyone signs up through a referral from you, then you get $25 to use towards a purchase.   I'll be back to tell you more when I get my next box... or maybe before if I get some pictures of me wearing the clothes from this box.

(I am not paid to do this... this is just my thoughts and feelings on Stitch Fix!)

**Update** I decided to keep the dress and the high-lo shirt and send everything else back.  I plan to set up another shipment here soon.  Will keep you updated ***


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