Friday Video

first off... yes I know it is Thursday. But, I have my 3 hour glucose tolerance test tomorrow morning at 7:30 and figure I'll be wiped out after that. I don't tolerate being without food for long stretches (pregnant or not) never mind a 12 hour fast followed by 3 hours of no food or water!

Just a few other updates... Blake is sleeping a bit better we will see how tonight goes... last night he woke up every 2 hours. Man I just want these last few molars to finish breaking through so life can go back to normal! Richard went and had his physical therapy evaluation and his range of motion in the arm he broke his collarbone of is the same as his other arm (yay!)

ok... here's a cute Blake and Abby video for you all to enjoy


  1. What a patient dog!

    Good luck with your GTT - that 3 hour test sucks. Make sure to scout out nearby food sources before you go in for your test so you know where to go for food afterwards! I swear I was delirious after going that long without food while preggo.

  2. I second the first comment! You will need food STAT after it. Be sure to take lots to keep you busy too. I wasn't allowed to leave the lab.

    Good luck Lori, I'll be praying it's all fine :-)

  3. His laugh is to die for.... who knew dog ears are so much fun!

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Your test will be over before you know it.

  4. Good luck tomorrow! I love that video! I love how kids get all giggly over the silliest things ;)

  5. good luck, I know you will read this after your test but I hope it went well and EAT!!!
    Love the video!!

  6. I hope your test went well!!!

    And the video is sooo cute, I love it!! So cute :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. avery does the same thing to our dog..except now he hits. Dog isn't so tolerable anymore. but avery loves to play with the tag/collar! his laugh makes me laugh!


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