update #2

Well... 19 months ago I became the mommy of 1 (yes, Blake turned 19 months today) and 1 week ago I became the mommy of 2 (yes, it's been a week already)... and no there will not be a 3rd child!

Update on Blake...

Blake is doing better than I think I expected him to do. He has adapted to having Colby around nicely. He does get upset when Colby is upset, but I think it is because for the most part... well Colby is quiet. We are still working on the whole be gentle thing. He doesn't always understand that Colby isn't as tough as Richard, Abby or myself... and Blake has never been hurt by someone else so he can't conceptualize the fact that he could hurt Colby by trying to be nice... oh well we will work on it!

He has had his moments where he wants my attention and I can't give it to him in the time he wants it, so we've had a few melt downs, and I expect more when I'm alone with the two of them, but we will get there.

For the most part, Blake enjoys having Colby around... what more can a Mommy ask for??


  1. That's all you can ask for! It's going to be fabulous that they are so close in age in about a year, they will be the best of friends.


    Hang in there, I swore I would never want any more kids about a week after Kamden was born too...you might change your mind!

  2. If it helps any- we are still working on the being gentle thing ;) I am SO glad that it is going as well as can be expected. I am done with 2 as well. Now I just need to save up money to fix my 'girls'.

  3. Mine are 3 1/2 years apart and I am so blessed to have never had not one problem so far with jelousy or anything, and it's been 7 months so I hope it continues to go well. It's so great to here that Blake is adjusting so quickly, before too long he'll have a little buddy to play with and I'm sure he'll love it!

  4. I am so happy the transition went well!!! I am happy Blake enjoys having Colby around!

  5. sounds like Blake is adjusting well! love all the pictures too!


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