Meet Buster and Monster

Well the boys and I had a fun day today. We went to the Y and they made pumpkin paintings there which they loved. Then we headed to the grocery store. After that we decided to make an art project out on the back porch. We decided to make monsters.

Meet Buster, Blake's monster

And Colby's monster "Monster"

As we were finishing up, Aunt Megan came over for a visit. I ran out to Target and Kohls to find Blake a sweatshirt since... well Colby will be wearing the sweatshirt Blake wore last year. The weather has been beautiful here the last few days. The mornings have been in the low 60s (hence the need for the sweatshirt) and the afternoons in the low 80s. We have had the house all open up and the boys can go in and out as they want. Ok that means more sand in the house, but it also means more freedom and fun for them. More space for everyone. I love days like this. And, we are expected to see more like this all week (o:

Hope you had a fun fall day today

Today's goals:
-- Y with the boys [check]
-- grocery shopping [check]
-- clean bathrooms [check]
-- play outside (we were outside from 1-5:30 yesterday, they loved having dinner on the porch. got to love the nice weather) [check]
-- Richard's sister is dropping over for a visit [check]
-- write check for Blake's Oct. tuition [check]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- bring Blake to and from school... remember to drop off tuition check
-- go to the Y with Colby... remember knee brace since I hurt it again today
-- bring Yoplait pink labels to Y
-- clean kitchen
-- art project with Colby

Week's big goals:
-- create Blake's birthday invitation
-- work on at least 1 of the Halloween costumes
-- drink 80 oz of water a day
-- get outside to play each day
-- at least 1 fall art project with the boys


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  1. The monsters are so cute! I can't wait to start doing stuff like that with Avery. We tried coloring about a week ago and she had no interest. Oh well, soon enough!

    Great job on your to do list!


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