Terrible twos + four year old = long day for Mommy

Anyone have the magic cure to deal with a two year old going through the terrible twos to the max? I can tell you one thing that is so NOT the solution... a four year old brother.

Colby is going through the phase where he wants something and when you give it to him it's wrong. The whole up is down, down is up phase. Well add in a brother who knows how to push your buttons... oh boy! One one hand Blake tries to make Colby feel better, and then the next moment he is doing everything to make him upset. I sometimes feel like it's all a plot to drive me crazy.

Both boys decided mid-week last week to start giving us a hard time at bedtime too. Colby has started screaming before going to bed. It's either that or he comes out of his room and won't go back in. Blake is playing the I need one more thing 100 times game. Yes, the fact that they aren't going to bed well effects their mood during the day. Don't you hate the cyclical nature of children. If they sleep well they have a good day, if they have a good day they sleep well... ummm how do you fix it when they have a bad day and a tough time falling asleep?

We go back to the doctors today for a follow up on Blake's pneumonia and Colby's ear infection. It is also Blake's 4 year old doctors appointment. Lets see what they have to say this time. Blake went to his ENT on Friday and they are concerned about his tonsils. Looks like if he has another bout of strep or tonsillitis soon we will be back to the ENT to talk about having the tonsils removed. Gesh is there an end to all this anytime soon?

Hope you had a good weekend and your kiddos are having a friendly week as you get ready for Thanksgiving (ok well not my Canadian readers, but you still need to have a good week)



  1. Oh girl, I so know what you are going through! Ben is in the terrible 2's and Justin is in the trying 3's! Some days I have to go to my room and shut the door so that I don't have to hear the screaming in my ear!

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving week!

  2. sorry they are rubbing on your nerves...and each others! hope its a quick phase!

  3. I can relate a little to what Colby is up to. Ryan only wants something if someone else has it. Not that he really wants it, but because they have it, he does. If I ask him if he wants so & so, it's NO, but the minute I ask him if he wants something else, he freaks and reverts back to what he originally didn't want. UGH!! 2 1/2 year olds!! Hang in there. This too shall pass...this too shall pass...

  4. Jillian does that to me all the time. She says she wants something and then it's not right! So frustrating!

  5. It gets easier! But sometimes it's so hard getting through this stage, isn't it?


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