weekend update!

Weekend update:
We had a fun and busy weekend. Blake had no school on Friday, teacher in service day. We went to the Y, a rare treat for him now, then to Publix. The boys had a blast playing out in the backyard together. I made a batch of muffins, and they went straight into the trash, yep screwed that recipe up major! Richard came home early and mowed the lawn while the boys played out front. Colby was trying again to ride his tricycle and finally mastered the whole pedaling thing!

Saturday was super crazy busy. We had a soccer game at 9:30am. It was a good game. We only had 5 players show up (we play 4 on 4) so everyone got a lot of playtime. Then we came home, showered, had lunch and were off again. This time we went to the farm. The boys had a blast seeing, touching and learning about the animals. We haven't been in almost 2 years so it was fun to see them experience it again, but older. Colby was right in there trying to touch all the animals. Blake did better than I expected, but he still isn't quite comfortable with going up and touching them. I have lots of pictures to edit and share.

Sunday we had a quiet day home. We filled the back of the pick up with Goodwill stuff. It always feels good to clean that stuff out of the house. Each of the boys had to pick 3 things out of their toy boxes that they don't use anymore. Some went to Goodwill and some of the others will go to the Y's childcare today.

Today is Monday and I'm up early because Richard is off on travel again. At least this time it's only for 2 days.

Hope you have a great weekend. This week's goals for me... get the boys Halloween costumes made! Guess I should buy candy too. Do you have your costumes ready? Candy purchased?


  1. No candy in the house yet...I can't buy that stuff too early!:) We have our costume ideas, just need to assemble the pieces.
    Sounds like a busy but fun weekend.
    I see you were clearing out some things too. Don't ya love that!:)
    have a happy day

  2. i have bought some candy...but my husband hid it so i can't eat it! and we do have costumes too!

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend! I have the boys costumes (I can reuse 2 of them!) and I've bought the candy (which is in hiding) and the pumpkin.

  4. Busy fun weekend! Sorry about your muffins. My grandparents owned a dairy farm as I was growing up. We'd visit once a year--it was one of my favorite things.

    And we'll probably be recycling costumes this year. I'm so impressed you make yours!

  5. You're making the costumes? You make all of Target-purchasing moms look bad. But hey, I'm okay with that.

    I have to buy candy this week. I always try to buy something I won't eat, something that will still be around for the 31st. Like skittles or starburst.


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