What weekend?

Do you ever have a weekend that feels as busy as a week? We did. Richard went for a bike ride in the middle of the day on Saturday. I let the boys watch Cars 2 so I could edit pictures. When Richard got home we took down the outside Christmas lights, then it was time for dinner. That day was done.

Sunday we slept in a while, ok well I slept in a while. After we got up and ready we headed out shopping for a new kitchen table. We have wanted one for a while since the table we have I bought back in the 90s when I moved out on my own. Needless to say it's in tough shape now. We spent most of the day shopping for that. Then we headed to BJ's to get a new battery backup for the main pc since the old one died Saturday night. We then went out to eat, a big treat for the boys. The problem was they hadn't had any active moments before that so they had a harder time sitting. It went, ummm ok, in the long run.

When we got home we decided to let the boys play outside for a bit. We got Colby to try riding his bike again, and this time he was successful. Which is good since he has really out grown the tricycle. We keep trying to convince Blake to give up the training wheels, but he won't let go of the fear still.

I wasn't feeling 100% all weekend which makes it even feel longer and less relaxing.

Oh well today is Monday whether or not I like it.

Here's the menu this week:

Buffalo Mac & Cheese, yes this was on the menu last week, but it never got made.


ravioli casserole


beef curry leftovers

breakfast for dinner (here's the new pancake recipe we like)

Back to our routine today. Drop off Blake at school, Y for Colby and I, pick Blake up, and then I think we are off to the grocery store.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday


  1. I think that is like most of my weekends... they just fly by.

    And as far as the training wheels, we have a friend who used to own a bike shop and his rule of thumb was "Get em off trainers at four otherwise wait till 6." I don't know how accurate it is, but it worked for my oldest at 4. My middle one, well he's another story. Good luck.

  2. I think I feel that way every weekend ;) Caleb won't give up his training wheels either...hopefully this summer!


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