Colby's 2 month Dr. Appt

Yesterday Colby had his 2 month doctor's appointment. We didnt' have to wait as long as normal which was a good thing! (don't you hate it when you have to wait over 30 minutes to get out of the waiting room... only to wait another 30 minutes to be seen by the doctor and then another 15 or so to have the nurse come in with the shots??)

Well Colby now weighs 11lb 1oz which sort of shocked me to find out was only 1oz bigger than Blake was at the same age. He measured at 22.2" but I doubt that... I've doubted their measurements since the 2nd visit when he measured smaller than he did at birth (sound strange to anyone else?)

Colby got 4 shots and an oral vaccine... is this torture to the mommy as well as the child?? He did good... stopped crying as soon as I could pick him up.

Now we don't go back until he is 4 months old. And, yes that is for more shots... YUCK!

Blake went with Daddy to get his hair cut, which he needed badly! I'll try to get a pic of Blake in his newly cut hair later and post it.


  1. I think shots are worse for mommies- cuz we know what's coming!

    My daughters measurements always seem a little off to me too. She was also shorter at one of her visits than she had been at the previous one.

  2. the shots are the worst. I hate that. Riley gets one more round of shots and then he is done until 4. Woo hoo!

  3. I am guessing someone measured him wrong somewhere along the line, shorter than birth, not possible!

    An oral vacine for an infant, that's a new one for me. My first son only had 1 shot at each of 2, 4 and 6 second son had at least 2... they keep multiplying!

  4. Growing so much!! Lillian spit the oral vacc up one time, but they couldn't give it to her again. I hope she's still immune to rotovirus!

  5. Well I'm back from the beach and trying to catch up. So glad things went well! HE's a growing boy!


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