I could post about...

I could post about what's really on my mind... lack of sleep, sick children, mouth pain from getting a filling yesterday, being exhausted, cleaning the house, listening to both my boys cough their heads off, lack of sleep... did I mention that I'm tired? But, I won't... I've whined enough about that this week, month... year!

I could post about the growth I've seen in both my sons in the last few weeks. Colby blows my mind as he says the alphabet, sings songs, counts to 12, knows his shapes, speaks in sentences, and just loves life. Blake is growing in leaps and bounds... he is trying to sound out words, sings songs that he has heard once or twice, recites stories word for word, recognizes numbers (the other day he looked at the number 18 and said... that's eighty-one... when did he learn the number 81?)

I could post about the fact that Richard is back into work crazy hours. It kills him to not get to spend a lot of time with the boys. He is working hard at his job and rushes home to try to get in 30-40 minutes with them before bedtime. I love the fact that he loves them (and me) so much.

I could post about the fact that I'm trying to pull together the things for Colby's birthday... yes Colby is turning 2 in a few weeks.

But, it's Friday and I don't feel like posting about any of those things. So instead I'll ask you a question. Have you tried any of my Tasty Tuesday recipes?

Last night we revisted the bbq pork and apples, I made it with a pork butt and skipped the apples. I think that this maybe one of the dishes I serve at Colby's birthday party.

We are also making Mexican Meat-zza and Pancetta Pasta this weekend... guess it is revisit Tasty Tuesday weekend here.  



  1. YOur boys are so smart. Sometimes mine shock me too and i think...where did you learn that? They are amazing little sponges aren't they?
    I'm not a huge cook...so I don't think I have tried anything yet...but I am slowly trying recipes from other places. I love that you share them and that you try new things. That is something I wish I did more of.

  2. I made the chocolate peanut butter squares! They were so yummy, I need to make them again soon! Have a great weekend and I hope your boys feel better quick!

  3. These little ones are so smart! Sorry your boys are sick. Hope they feel better soon!


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