I want an octagon

Today's goals:
--get up at 5am and do p90x (might just do ab ripper x this time) [ok so it was closer to 5:30, but I did do ab ripper x and it killed me... guess I need to get back to doing abs!]
--bring Blake to school and pick him up [check.  got him there in time for breakfast and picked him up a bit early, but he had a blast]
--go to the Y for pilates (testing out this class for the first time) and then Parent-child fitness with Colby [check... I really liked the pilates class and will certainly hit that up again.  Colby didn't want to stay for the whole of his class, but I had taken him to the playground after dropping off Blake so I think he was tired and ready for his nap]
--make bacon to have breakfast for dinner with the boys (pancakes and bacon for them, omelet with bacon and cheese for me) [check... I added tomatoes to my omelet and have enough bacon for a BLT tomorrow, and more after that, but it is my craving]
[I also mopped the floor twice (I dropped a can of coke that EXPLODED), washed the sheets and re-made the beds, ran to Hallmark and Bath and Body Works, fixed my parent's computer over the phone and all the other fun mother stuff]

Tommorow's goals:
--get up at 5am and do p90x
--storytime at the libary
--clean the bathrooms
--have a fun day with the boys



  1. Great job today! I STILL haven't cleaned my bathroom...lol. I'll get it tomorrow. I have a kid-free afternoon. A friend of mine is watching Ryan for me as a favor for me watching her kiddos last week!

  2. Gee Lori....are you trying to make the rest of us look bad, or what? LOL
    Go you, Super Mommy!

  3. Seriously, what time to do you to sleep?! I can't even imagine getting up at 5 am to work out. That's when I'm getting my best sleep!

  4. Woo hoo...whole list done and more. You go. Love the video. Octagon is a hard word to say and I loved how Colby was saying. Too cute.


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