Tasty Tuesday Review

I did not make a new recipe this weekend. So I decided to link you to some of the recipes that have become stapes in our repertoire.

I'll start with Salsa Chicken which we had last night for dinner. I love this quick easy recipe that has a lot of flavor with little effort!

Peanut butter ice cream is one of Colby's favorites so we make this one from time to time too.

Italian Stoup sauce is a great change from traditional spaghetti sauce.

Teriyaki beer skirt steak... I've yet to serve this to anyone and not have them love it. We eat it everytime we have skirt steak!

Mac and Cheese Dog Casserole is my new homemade mac and cheese. Even if I don't add the hot dogs I usually add the beer, ketchup and mustard to my mac and cheese.

Orecchiette with mini meatballs. This is quickly becoming my new go to recipe for company. It is a nice light version of pasta with meatballs and very fresh tasting too.

Mexican Meat-zza is a great variation on tex-Mex and the cornbread adds a whole different feel to Mexican.

Old time Vanilla Ice cream. I love the variations I can make with this ice cream recipe, but I will admit that it is no longer my favorite homemade ice cream base. I got Ben & Jerry's ice cream cookbook for Christmas. I so need to blog one of the recipes to share with you because I'm not sure I'll go back to anything after getting their recipes in my ice cream maker (o:

Have you tested out any new recipes lately? I hope my recipes have encouraged you to become more adventurous in the kitchen. Test out a new recipe and share it with your bloggy friends!



  1. beer and mac and cheese huh? sounds interesting!

  2. Love the color you chose for your blog!

  3. Omgosh I love salsa chicken. It is so yummy. Going to try the mexican meatzza sounds great too.


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